Polaris Ranger Lift Kits
for a 2005 to 2008 model Ranger


On some rare occasions, some of the stock wheel and tire combination's have caused a slight rubbing issue with the sway bar and the inner tire wall on the rear of the machine after the lift kit is installed.

This has only happened a few times but we feel the need to let you know before you purchase the lift kit. The "FIX" for this would be a pair of our 1" aluminum wheel spacers in the rear of your machine.

If you are purchasing our lift kit for your Ranger, we would be happy to offer you 1 pair of spacers at a large discounted price. Your machine may need them and it may not need them, if you want to order the lift kit and try it out first, thats what we recommend to save you some $$$, if you find this is an issue for your machine, we can get you out a pair of spacers ASAP, just let us know that you have ordered our lift kit and you will get the discounted price.

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